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Presidential SealDear Mr. President:

Let me open by saying this is not a letter of attack, nor is it a letter of unconditional praise. It is, in fact, a request, a request for leadership which I believe you have within your power to do for this country, leadership that is sorely needed in these troubled times.

I frankly had not been paying much attention to you or the political scene, until the moving speech you presented on September 9, on Health Care reform. I’m not sure why I listened, though health care is a personal concern, so I gave you an hour I normally wouldn’t give any politician.

Let me take a brief moment to give you some context: I was raised in a staunchly Republican household, and am attracted at times to some Libertarian thinking. With your speech, you successfully challenged me to open my mind to what your Presidency seeks to achieve.

Simply, your speech was brilliant. You defined the issue; delineated your expectations; challenged not just the assembled senators and representatives to work together on the issue, but all of us watching; reached across the aisle using your opponent in your Presidential race, John McCain, as a symbol of his party; and skillfully used the recent passing of Ted Kennedy for a final call to action built on an emotional appeal that only the most hardened heart would dismiss.

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