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Start: Just quickly:

Jdimytai Damour, a temporary employee for the Wal-Mart at Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream, New York, died by being trampled as a surging mob of Black Friday holiday shoppers knocked the doors off of their hinges at the 5:00 AM opening time.

Local authorities are reviewing the video of the incident and are searching for participants in this needless death.

I suspect that Wal-Mart is probably already attempting to settle with the Damour family, to head off what would be a case that would bring nothing but ugly, ugly press. At least I would hope they’re smart enough to do that.

Not surprisingly, this event has chewed up a lot of space on the “blogosphere.”

One blog I ran across, which will remain nameless, used this story as the basis of a satirical piece, claiming that President-Elect Obama cited this as an indication the economy is recovering.

The author of this obviously has issues, and probably should go do some community service in a child’s burn ward to regain a smattering of humanity.

(Just a thought.)

In my last post I noted who was to blame. I am seeing some agreement, but largely, the overall response is a lot of finger-pointing.

So, let’s think about this, shall we?


We now interrupt this blog post for
an emergency expanded edition of:

(dah dah dummmmm … )
STO:  State! The Obvious.


Today we discuss who to blame in the needless death of Wal-Mart temporary employee Jdimytai Damour.

• Item: Let’s Blame Wal-Mart.

• The Obvious: Okay, everyone hates Wal-Mart — except, of course, the millions of people who shop there, and CBS News who gets a great load of revenue from the retail titan. Clearly, given the situation, the management on site didn’t act adequately to mitigate the situation to protect their people.

But they didn’t cause that crowd to gather, and they didn’t reach into the minds of all those people and cause them to act like a bunch of Buchenvald storm troopers.

• Item: Let’s Blame the Unions.

(Interesting, huh?)

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