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In which the author finally explains this “talking fish” business, why it’s important to him, and why it should be important to you.

The Ordeal of the Fish

Start I‘ve been teasing you long enough.

On my About All This page I make an oblique reference to “talking fish” being a part of my odd little universe. Only my friends and some of the folks in the Las Vegas Toastmaster community know what that’s about, and in a few minutes … well, in a few minutes you will too.

A talking fish made me … (sorry, I’m choking up here) … made me a changed man.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere in the site, about eight years years ago I set myself on a path to learn how to speak inspirationally. And, as I have also mentioned elsewhere, I soon after realized I should get off my podium (so to speak) and just be myself. But in the process I discovered how much I enjoyed making an audience laugh or touching an audience’s heart, and I know that public speaking in some form will always be a part of my life.

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