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Start: Ah … back in print again.

Stuart Miller, editor of the gorgeous Alien Worlds Magazine, has welcomed me into his “stable” of writers. My new column, The Round Files, debuts in issue three of the magazine. Stuart is one of the few names in Ufology circles that understands the dire need for humor in the field, and it is an honor to be able to contribute to his magazine.

The first installment,”The Really Really Secret Mission of Apollo 18,” is the revelation of the story of Col. Donald Mellon, USAF (Ret.). Col. Mellon, author of Listen, Pal — Your Flight Never Happened, claims to be the only surviving member of a top secret lunar mission undertaken to investigate a mammoth cylindrical alien “mother ship” and a nearby “city” of glass-like spires.

Alien Worlds Magazine Issue 3

Is it true? Is it disinformation? Is it a hoax? Will the UFO audience recognize it as the parody that it has to be?

Would they recognize a piece of satire if it bit them in their collective funny bone?

Do they have a collective funny bone?

(I don’t know!)

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