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Start: A quick note:

Steve-Olson.comSteve Olson of For People Pursuing Freedom has done me the honor of featuring a guest post from yours truly. It’s called “When Did Your Life ‘Jump the Shark’?” — some reflections on resigning ourselves to what we have in life or reinvesting in ourselves for the dreams that will fulfill us.

A brief excerpt —

I am a late bloomer.

I don’t feel particularly old, but I must acknowledge that I was born in the second half of the Twentieth Century — with a little room to spare. And I must confess it has taken me more years than I’d care to admit for me embrace the idea I had abilities that could free me from a life of the mundane, and give me a life of excellence.

We all do, of course. Some of us are born knowing who they are or what they have, but most of us have to put in the work to find these things.

Read the rest of it here, at

Steve — I’d like to thank you again for featuring my work. I appreciate it.

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