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    John F. Kennedy asked for the Moon. America delivered, yawned, and changed the channel.

International Space Station

Start: See the photo above? I ran across it a few days ago on Facebook (click on the photo to see the full, uncropped image — it’s really quite impressive). Once I’d seen it I had to track down the original — this is of the International Space Station, as taken from the Space Shuttle Atlantis on July 19, 2011.

See that little dot in the ebon sky to the right of the station?

It’s the Moon.

Remember that?

43 years ago this Friday, July 20, Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” E. Aldrin, Jr. set their spindly, spider-like Lunar Module Eagle down in an all-too dicey landing amidst the boulders and dust of the Sea of Tranquility; and only a few hours later planted a specially-rigged American flag on its desolate surface.

How many people you know actually give a damn?

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