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With SOPA/Protect IP now cast by reluctant legislators into the outer darkness, the author comes up for air … for a moment.

Troubled Skies

Start: As you can see, I’ve taken back the header to my blog, which has been obscured by a black banner with the words “Stop Censorship,” which in turn linked to the Stop American Censorship site.

Am I done with that issue?

In a word, ha!

I have no illusions that the forces behind the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and its Senate sister Protect IP (PIPA) are going to graciously acknowledge defeat and gallantly submit to the wisdom of the masses. But, barring something unusual, both SOPA and PIPA as written are dead, and it will probably be some months before we see something quite like it again.

Though it is like our government to blind-side us, isn’t it?

It saddens me to think that that we must consider our elected leaders to be enemies of the people, because, clearly, they aren’t very good at keeping our best interests in mind.

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