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Start: Just a quick note.

I live in Las Vegas (the real Las Vegas, not that cheap knock-off in New Mexico). It has been unseasonably cold the last week or so, and yesterday the higher end of the valley got some snow. This is pretty unusual (it happens maybe every five years or so) and it’s dominated the news.

(You’d think we were just some little hick town or something.)

Low and behold, it finally got down to our level.

Just getting started ...
Just getting started …

At about 3:00 PM it was a slushy mix about a quarter-inch deep down by the club house …


This poor palm must be mortally offended.
This poor palm must be mortally offended.

Unfortunately, most of the locals don’t seem to understand how to drive in this stuff.

What’s worse is that they don’t understand that they don’t understand how to drive in this stuff.

I’m grateful I didn’t have to drive anywhere today.


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Start: Rev. Sophia Falke of Unity of Green Valley has graciously invited me to present “A Moment in the Deeper Power of Gratitude” as a guest speaker for the service.

If you would like to attend, Unity in Green Valley is at the Henderson International School (formerly Warren Walker), 2150 Windmill Parkway (at the corner of Green Valley and Windmill) Henderson, NV 89074. Contact phone is: (702) 435-3289.

Service is at 10:00 AM Sunday, September 21. Sunday school is available for children ages four through twelve.

Henderson, for those not familiar with the Las Vegas valley, is in the southwest corner of the metropolitan area.

Mapquest directions, for those who would like to attend, are here.

Many thanks to Rev. Falke for this opportunity.

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