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Freeway at night

    Why is gratitude so important to me? And why do I think it’s important for all of us? Here’s why.

Start: Those of you who have been following me for a while but don’t happen to feel the same passion about gratitude as yours truly, have probably found themselves thinking: boy, this guy has it bad, doesn’t he?

I could certainly think of worse fixations, but I plead guilty as charged. (And I’ll add, you should be so guilty.)

It only seems appropriate that I should explain why I feel so strongly. I’ve touched on it here in a few places, but if you’ve read Evan Hadkin’s interview of me on his blog Living Authentically, (Part One here, Part Two here) you have a big part of the story. But … you don’t have quite all of it.

Here, then, is how I “got” gratitude.

I Am Grateful I am Still Alive

As I’ve noted here previously, it seems clear to me that some people come to recognize gratitude “the hard way,” through what Dr. Morris Massey of the University of Colorado calls a “Significant Emotional Experience,” or an SEE. This is my experience. When it comes to gratitude, the biggest SEE in my life happened one night shortly after midnight, early in 1999.

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