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Desolation - Canary in the Strip Mine

Start: Remember 9/11?

In those first few hours we were deluged by the media with the events as they unfolded, the fragmentary details as they emerged, the reaching speculations of commentators filling time, and those videos, looping endlessly, of the airliners crashing into the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

Finally, after the initial shock, we began to hear psychologists suggest that for our own mental well-being that we — those of us who had no public sector or business obligation to do otherwise — should disengage from the constant media onslaught.

More recently, we in United States, and to a lesser degree in the western world, have been subjected to a crisis of lower intensity, a crisis that has stubbornly refused to end.

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You are here.

Some thoughts about who we are.

Start: I am a blogger typing away feverishly to catch the inspiration that has tapped me on the shoulder.

I am the toddler that made a nuisance of myself in the booth next to the blogger while the blogger tried to enjoy a not particularly cheap but simply excellent restaurant cheeseburger.

I am the distracted mother trying to control my kids in that booth who prays every night I won’t have to take my kids to a doctor because I have no health insurance.

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