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Start: Larry Ketchersid, new novelist, author of Dusk before the Dawn, and fellow listee on Paul Levinson’s list of Best First SciFi Novels, opens his review of Red Moon with the following praise:

The US-USSR space race re-imagined, with historical fiction combined with a near-future earth on the brink; a great read, not just for NASA fans or sci-fi fans, but all readers.

This book combines an in-depth knowledge of the Soviet Cosmonaut program and moon exploration in general with a plausible near future environmental/ political forced need for a new fuel supply and an intertwined, well thought out face-paced read. One of the most enjoyable reads off my stack in quite some time.

Read the rest here.

And thank you Larry, and best wishes to you and toward all your endeavors.



For more information on the David S. Michaels and Daniel Brenton novel Red Moon, visit their site