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Start: Lyman Reed’s Creating a Better Life is currently featuring a guest post from me, called “Your Legacy: You CAN Take it With You – But You Shouldn’t” — a recognition that we have something of value beyond our worldly possessions that we could leave behind, but all too often don’t.

An excerpt —

Around 15 years ago I went home — home being Indiana — to a small town in the lush rolling hills south of Fort Wayne. After living in the Phoenix area, in the middle of the barren Sonoran Desert for the better part of twenty years, the view during the landing run to Indianapolis airport was a stunning contrast … It was Life. Everywhere. As far as the eye could see.

What brought me there, unfortunately, was just the opposite of Life. My grandmother, my father’s mother and my only surviving grandparent, had finally passed away at the respectable age of 90, and I had come to be some support to my father as he faced this grim milestone.

Lyman, thank you.

Update, Sunday, February 19, 2012:
Lyman closed Creating a Better Life some time ago, but gave me permission to repost the article, which you can now find here.

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