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Spotlights on Washington

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I spoke to the staff of both of my senators today about Protect-IP, the Senate version of a bill that will (according to experts at Sandia Labs, no less) undermine the security of the internet, and lend itself to censorship of the internet as well.

It took me less than ten minutes. I can’t reach out of this web page and grab you by the lapels to show you how serious I am, but I can urge you to do the same and let their offices know your opposition to this toxic piece of legislation.

SOPA and Protect IP supposedly are intended to mitigate piracy of intellectual property, but it’s so big a hammer it will smash the countertop, and, according to resources I respect — even beyond Sandia Labs — will miss the fly anyway.

This thing is 31 flavors of wrong. Don’t take my word for it, read the bill, make up your own mind. By my reading the wall of opposition this has created is more than warranted.

Click on the image below to go to the American Censorship site to use their “call-in” widget to call your senators, or go to the Electronic Freedom Foundation site and use their old-fashioned phone list.

American Censorship's Call-In Widget

Do it now.

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