Oppose American Censorship — Oppose SOPA/Protect-IP

by Daniel Brenton on November 15, 2011

in Politics

Daniel CensoredStart: As you can see above, I’ve censored my site, and myself, and I’ve done it to make a point.

Update, 11/16/2011:

Now known as the “E-Parasite Act,” the below video about this effort is an accurate representation of what this bill is, and what the framers of it wish to do. Both my reading of the actual text of the Senate bill and the feedback of those I turn to for their expertise in these fields confirm this.

In the words of the operator of a small domain registrar I know: “Government regulation hurts small businesses, that must absorb the costs, or pass them on to the consumer. Forcing companies like ours to enforce this, and the liability that brings is ridiculous, and nothing more than a tax on internet businesses.”

Ridiculous isn’t the word. The word is unconscionable. It’s a sharp kick in the side of an America struggling to get back on its feet.

What this proposes is Napoleonic Justice, pure and simple. Guilty until proven innocent. There are no provisions for due process in this monstrosity. There are no means spelled out for reparation. It’s all in the accuser’s hands. Clearly, for the sponsors of this act to call themselves patriotic Americans is to defile both the adjective and the noun.

This isn’t the America I was raised to believe in.

Be Americans. Stand up. Fight back.

If you value the freedom to use the internet, watch the video below, and share it. This is important.

Call your senators and representatives. Fax them. Email them. Now.

Demand that they bury this bill.

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