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Some thoughts about who we are.

Start: I am a blogger typing away feverishly to catch the inspiration that has tapped me on the shoulder.

I am the toddler that made a nuisance of myself in the booth next to the blogger while the blogger tried to enjoy a not particularly cheap but simply excellent restaurant cheeseburger.

I am the distracted mother trying to control my kids in that booth who prays every night I won’t have to take my kids to a doctor because I have no health insurance.

I am the loan broker that sold the eager home owners on a house note I knew full well they couldn’t carry, the last straw that fractured the camel’s back of America’s already weakened economy, because all I cared about was my commission.

I am the chief executive officer for a sprawling, bailed-out mortgage company who bristles in resentment as I realize my annual bonus is only going to be $6,000,000 this year.

I am the pensioner who looks at my monthly prescription bills and knows I’m not going to be able to cover it this month.

I am the union worker who spends eight hours a day screwing around on the job, forcing my co-workers to do my work for me because I can’t get fired.

I am the American who can’t find a job being forced to find inner resources I never thought I would have to find and make choices I never thought I would need to make.

I am the United States Representative who was elected for my support of family values and traditional marriage, zipping up my pants after a cute female lobbyist just sweetened the deal for me and made my next congressional vote much easier to decide.

I am the radio talk show celebrity that has amassed a fortune great enough to buy a football team by peddling dissension, partisan hatred, and racism.

I am the avid, bigoted fan of the radio talk show celebrity clinging tightly to my white, personal Jesus and praying for nearly the rest of the world to be stricken from The Book of Life and be cast into the Lake of Fire.

I am the Muslim father in Gaza who silently fears my sons will die in the Palestinian conflict and secretly wishes — wishes I can never share — that the struggle was simply given up.

I am the Somali pirate to whom life means nothing. Even my own.

I am the strutting dictator who cajoles and threatens my scientists and military to finish my nuclear arsenal.

I am the Russian Premier who helped hold the world in nuclear blackmail for over four decades.

I am the child that laughs in my innocence as I play in the face of the squalor and pestilence of urban Calcutta.

I am the leader of the brutal atheistic regime that has bludgeoned half of Asia into submission, and looks to subdue the world.

I am the beloved spiritual leader in exile from an occupied nation, who condemns the invasion but forgives the invaders.

I am the ashes of Jews buried in Auschwitz.

I am Nero, fiddling as Rome burns.

I am Jesus and I am Judas.

I am a human being, one of nearly seven billion.

We are all One.

We are all in this together.

Wake up.

Just wake the hell up.

• • •

Copyright © 2009, by Daniel Brenton. All Rights Reserved.


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Daniel Brenton is the creator/author of the 5 Second Novel series, co-author of the space race thriller Red Moon (with David S. Michaels), and is the author of the satirical column The Round Files, published in Stuart Miller’s short-lived Alien Worlds Magazine.

Despite being a writer, Daniel has no cats at this time, is unwilling to become an alcoholic, and has a very difficult time keeping a straight face while writing about himself in third person.

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