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Start: To my delight, late last March Ari Herzog, social media consultant par excellence and contributing writer The Huffington Post and Mashable gave me the opportunity to do a guest post on — what else? — Social Media. In my case, on how today’s social media plays into the New Thought spirituality of my experience.

Even better, he liked what I gave him.

Here’s a short excerpt:

The middle of last year I gave a twenty-five minute presentation to a modest Wednesday night audience in a good-sized “New Thought” church, a presentation I had spent weeks writing, rehearsing, and “staging” — that is, defining what movements I would make and the props I would use to help emphasize my points.

At first blush it would sound like a speech crafted in this manner would appear “canned,” or worse, feel like it was “phoned in,” but in truth, most high-end speakers prepare in a similar way. Done well, the presenter seems glib and makes it look effortless. Done poorly, a speech prepared in this fashion can in fact look just as staged and rehearsed as it truly was.

How the presentation of this speech actually played out taught me something about using social media effectively that I might not have learned any other way.

Click here to read the rest of “It Comes Down to Authenticity,” a guest post at

(And Ari … thanks again.)


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