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Start: Blogging is one thing, but the ultimate in communication, in this boy’s opinion, is getting in front of a crowd of people and speaking to their heads, and to their hearts.

There is (to quote David Bowman in the film version of Arthur Clarke’s 2010) “something wonderful” about feeling the rapport with an audience, and getting “in the groove” of … well … the energy that plays back and forth between an audience and a presenter.

As is obvious, I’m not blogging as much as I used to, and the reason for that is I am focusing more on communicating face-to-face as I’m describing here. I’m pleased to say that I’ve had some success in this form, and recently.

On Sept. 21., I did a 25 minute presentation on the power of gratitude at Unity in Green Valley, in Henderson, Nevada. The church calls their sermons “lessons,” though, yes, I think most of the secular world would call my presentation a sermon. Rev. Sophia Falke told me her board reported I had done a very good job, something that is rewarding (and relieving) to hear.

I have also become a “regular” at Spiritual Life Center’s “Wednesday Night Live,” a monthly event that focuses on the creative talents of the fellowship and the greater Vegas community. Most of my contributions there have been comedic (to call it “stand-up” would be stretching it — it’s probably more fair to call this material “comic speeches,” though the audience enjoys it, and it really seems to suit the venue). As you’d expect, there are some very talented musicians and entertainers in this valley. Some of them make Spiritual Life Center their spiritual “home,” and it’s been a lot of fun to share a stage with them.

To keep my speaking abilities sharp, I have rejoined Toastmasters International, and am a member of a club in Henderson (just southwest of Las Vegas). Just yesterday evening I won first place in a humorous speech contest against five competitors, all of us the winners of contests held in our respective clubs.

It was gratifying to me to get the response I did from blogging, and to have my material regularly picked up by esoteric news blogs such as The Daily Grail, The Anomalist, and Alien Worlds, which eventually lead to an invitation to share some of my viewpoints on the excellent podcast of the paranormal, Gene Steinberg’s and David Biedny’s The Paracast. (Just this response did in fact lead to my “gig” with Alien Worlds Magazine.) But ultimately, after two years of work I did not connect with the audience I was really looking for and knew it was time to look to speaking as a way to offer what I have to share.

If you’re in the Vegas area and would like to hear me speak, I’ll keep my upcoming engagements posted here. If you’ve run across my work in the past and you’re visiting the area, feel free to drop me a line.

Copyright © 2008, by Daniel Brenton. All Rights Reserved.


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Daniel Brenton is the creator/author of the 5 Second Novel series, co-author of the space race thriller Red Moon (with David S. Michaels), and is the author of the satirical column The Round Files, published in Stuart Miller’s short-lived Alien Worlds Magazine.

Despite being a writer, Daniel has no cats at this time, is unwilling to become an alcoholic, and has a very difficult time keeping a straight face while writing about himself in third person.

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